Gorilla 2

Before iOS 6.0 the Apple mobile operating system did not have the functionality to restrict access to sensible data for third party apps. All apps could access your Unique Device Identifier, your contacts, your calendar, your location, etc.

Gorilla is a security tool for devices with iOS 4 and 5. It was developed based on a proof-of-concept prototype from NESO Security Labs GmbH. Using the configuration app you can easily configure and assign security profiles for nearly all apps installed on your device. Gorilla will also notify you when you first start an unconfigured app.

Using Gorilla you can prevent third-party apps from accessing:

  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Unique Device Identifier
  • MAC Address
  • Keyboard-Cache
  • Location

During that time there were known vulnerabilities in conjunction with parsing PDF and Office documents. Gorilla allows you to prevent the automatic parsing and opening of PDF and Office documents to reduce the risk of a drive-by infection of your device.

For additional security Gorilla allows you to securely wipe the free space of the device or change the user-agent string of Safari. It works with nearly all apps whether preinstalled apps or from the App Store or Cydia.

As the project is not maintained anymore there is no download available at the moment. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me!